« Natural Born Charmer » de Susan Elizabeth Phillips

“Natural Born Charmer” de Susan Elizabeth Phillips

In this latest installment in Phillips’s romance series starring the Chicago Stars football players (This Heart of Mine; Nobody’s Baby but Mine), the bestselling novelist delivers a love story wrought with delicious sexual tension and charged banter. When debonair starting quarterback Dean Robillard, on a soul-searching road trip after a serious shoulder injury, happens across Blue Bailey, walking alongside the road wearing a beaver costume, he stops to help her. Blue is far from a Barbie-esque football groupie, but broke and stranded, she needs both a ride and a job, and the football all-star (driving a sexy Aston Martin) poses an interesting opportunity. As the two travel from Colorado to Dean’s new farmhouse in east Tennessee, Blue resists his advances, and both athlete and vagabond struggle with deeply rooted trust and familial issues that are soon exacerbated by the unexpected presence of Dean’s mother at the farm. While the verbal sparring in this textbook case of opposites attracting feels stagy at first, the rough edges come together in an alluring way.

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  1. Lluthiel says:

    I read it in 3 days 🙂 It reminds me of “Heaven, Texas” : the big star going on a solitary trip and finally ending in a small American town. Maybe I was waiting too much of Dean Robillard’s story (like for “Heaven, Texas”) but I feel as he is another character than in previous novels… Even though I enjoyed it as always with SEP’s books. She always manages to hook me from the first pages even with a bizarre or impossible plot. But I think it’s not the best novel of the series.

    I found that some scenes were weak, Blue’s character and especially her past and her relationship with her mother could have been more detailed. There is something lacking that prevents me to give it full points. Nevertheless, I laughed and cried all through the book 🙂

    All in all, I liked it and will buy the paperback to complete my collection 😉

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